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    Company founder Lucy Postins was inspired by her dog’s success on a home made diet and began selling similar foods for cats and dogs.

    Now, the honest kitchen cat food review is among the few truly human-grade cat food brands and one of the leading manufacturers of dried food to pets. There’s no arguing that The Honest Kitchen brings something interesting to the pet food aisle, however, can it be a secure, wholesome choice for cats?

    To answer this question, let us learn more about The Honest Kitchen’s manufacturing techniques, recall history, recipes, consumer experience, and more.

    Sourcing and Manufacturing
    Human-grade food is prepared, handled, and transported in accordance with human food production criteria. From the period of harvest until the food reaches store shelves, every step of the production and managing process meets demands for human food manufacturing.

    The business sources 67% (by weight) of their ingredients in North America, including all of their protein sources and nearly all the vegetables, fruits, and supplements. Not one of the ingredients are sourced from China. Each supplier is required to register the corporation’s”Individual Food Grade Guarantee”.

    These components are processed at The Honest Kitchen company-owned centers in the United States. These kitchens are inspected and registered by the FDA and meet all U.S. prerequisites for human food production.

    In 2013, The Honest Kitchen recalled several kinds of pet foods after learning that among their providers may have offered them salmonella-contaminated parsley.

    What Types Of Cat Food Can The Honest Kitchen Offer?
    Instead of the usual canned or dry fare–or perhaps freeze-dried or uncooked food–The Honest Kitchen cat food is a dehydrated, pulverized product. Like instant mashed potatoes, The Honest Kitchen food starts out as a dry, irregular powder and takes a dash of warm water and a couple of minutes of stillness until it’s ready to eat.

    Based on how you prepare it, the finished food has a feel between thick oatmeal and a smoothie.

    While The Honest Kitchen offers a huge variety of food for puppies, their cat food selection is tiny–comprising just two recipes. These two are grain-free merchandise. They’re primarily made out of beef, but in addition contain fruits, vegetables, and synthetic additives to ensure nutritional adequacy.

    Is Your Honest Kitchen kitty food raw?
    Compared to extrusion along with other processing methods, the dehydration procedure uses less warmth and leaves a lot of the raw ingredients’ nutritional components undamaged, however, The Honest Kitchen cat food is not raw. Think of it as a gently-processed alternate to conventional dry or canned foods –a midpoint about the processing scale.

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