Rep. Debbie Dingell shares vile voicemail two years after Trump attack

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    Congresswoman Debbie Dingell shared an expletive-laden death threat she got via voicemail recently, two years after  slammed her for voting to impeach him and suggested that her late husband was ‘looking up’ at her from hell.<br>Dingell, who represents ‘s 12th Congressional District, shared the recent voicemail Sunday morning in an episode of ‘s State of the Union with Dana Bash to show that the bile continues to pour in.<br>’You godd*** old senile b****.

    You’re as old and ugly as Biden. You ought to get the f**** off the planet. You f****** foul b****…. They ought to f****** try you for treason, b****,’ an unidentified man seethes.<br>’You and every one of your scumbag f****** friends… I hope your family dies in front of you.
    I pray to God, if you’ve got any children, they die in your face.’ <br>In December 2019, Trump slammed Dingell for voting to impeach him after he says she thanked him for honoring her husband when he died in February of that year.<br> Rep.

    Debbie Dingell of Michigan shared a death threat she got via voicemail on Sunday <br> The unknown caller said: ‘I pray to God, if you ‘No, but I look at her and she’s so sincere and what happens?

    “I vote to impeach Trump,”‘ the former president told a rally.<br>John Dingell died in February 2019 after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. <br>He was 92 years old and is the longest-serving member in Congress, having represented Michigan in the body for more than 59 years. <br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    Dingell, 68, tied the hateful messages to Trump’s conduct, saying she’s been receiving voicemails like the one shared on Sunday ‘for a couple of years ever since Christmastime, the Christmas, right after John had died.’ <br>It is unclear when she received the message played on Sunday or who sent it. <br>’John was my late husband and it – you know, once you’re in that Trump hate tunnel, you kind of don’t escape it,’ she told Bash. <br> In a rally in Michigan in December 2019, Trump suggested John may be ‘looking up’ at his wife from hell after she voted for both articles of impeachment against him<br> John Dingell (left) died in February 2019 at age 92 after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    He remains the longest serving member in Congress, having served for 59 years<br> He last held the seat now held by his wife, Michigan’s 12th Congressional District<br>’My friends look at me, it’s almost like therapy, and say, “How can you do this?” But you have to – we’ve got to be careful not to normalize it, but I’m not going to not do my job.

    I’m not going to go out and not be with people. I’m not going to go out and not listen to them. I want the American people to think about what’s happening in our country, that this kind of hate, this fear is happening in communities across the country.'<br>Republican Rep.

    Fred Upton added that the atmosphere in Congress is ‘pretty toxic.’   <br>’There’s no question about it. Just before we adjourned for he Christmas break – one of our members had their words taken down – usually you just apologize and say I was wrong, life goes on. No – he couldn’t speak the rest of the day.

    He stood by the words that he had,’ Upton said Sunday.<br>’You got metal detectors now going on the House floor. We get really nasty threats at home. The tone gets tougher and tougher and it’s a pretty toxic place. I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ <br>Back in 2019, Trump slammed Dingell during a speech to supporters in Michigan, sarcastically calling her a ‘real beauty’ and possibly turning her into a target for the ire of his supporters.<br>He boasted about giving John Dingell ‘everything,’ including letting the flag fly at half mast in his honor and allowing his body to lie in state at the Capitol, which is an honor conferred to him by his time in Congress.<br> Rep.

    Dingell said Sunday: My friends look at me, it’s almost like therapy, and say, “How can you do this?” But you have to – we’ve got to be careful not to normalize it, but I’m not going to not do my job'<br>He said Debbie called him and thanked him with ‘the most profuse thank-you that you could ever get.'<br>’So that was what, February or something.
    Now they talk about this phony impeachment. And she’s out there. “Well, we have to look seriously at our president because he may have violated the Constitution of the United States. And I can’t be happy with that because I love our country. I love this and I love that.” She loves everything.

    I said, “She’s a no, OK.” No but I look at her and she’s so sincere and what happens? “I vote to impeach Trump.” And you know what – I didn’t say – who the hell knew this was even going to come up,’ he told the crowd.<br>Trump was referring to the first time he was impeached, with the House voting on two articles of obstruction of justice and abuse of power on December 18 as lawmakers investigated Russian interference in the US election and the president’s possible involvement.<br>He was acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate on February 2020. <br> Trump was impeached again right before his term ended in January of this year, after his supporters stormed the Capitol building following his claims that he won the 2020 election and efforts to overturn results in various states.<br>A House select committee investigating the Capitol riot has since voted to hold two of his associates, former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and chief strategist Steve Bannon, in contempt for not complying with the investigation.<br>Trump has repeatedly cited executive privilege.<br>Democrats have spoken out about the death threats they’ve faced from Republicans and Trump supporters in recent years. <br>Republican Rep.

    Lauren Boebert addressed supporters during the Thanksgiving break and told a story about sharing an elevator with Rep. Ilhan Omar, a progressive Democrat.<br>'”Well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine,'” Boebert recalled saying to an aide, to hoots of laughter.<br>’And I said, “Oh look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today.”‘<br>Omar said the incident never took place.

    And the comments quickly attracted widespread criticism and calls for punishment.<br> <br> Republican Rep.

    Lauren Boebert (left) addressed supporters during the Thanksgiving break and said of Rep. Ilhan Omar: ‘Oh look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today'<br>Boebert later tweeted: ‘I apologize to anyone in the Muslim community I offended with my comment about Rep Omar.
    I have reached out to her office to speak with her directly.'<br>Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the ‘Squad’ of progressive Democrats, responded: ‘People truly don’t understand the scale, intensity, & volume of threats targeting @IlhanMN.<br>’Kevin McCarthy is so desperate to be speaker that he is working with his Ku Klux Klan caucus to look aside & allow violent targeting of [women of color] members of Congress.

    This cannot be ignored.<br>’While people toss out clichés like “we condemn all forms of racism & bigotry,” the fact is Islamophobia is far too often tolerated and ignored.<br>’Bigotry is not made unacceptable by what one says about it, it’s made acceptable based on whether there are consequences for it or not.'<br>Ocasio-Cortez continued to say that the GOP had been given ‘freedom to incite’ without fear of consequences, particularly when the victims were from minority communities. <br> Rep.

    Adam Kinzinger accused House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of cozying up to an extremist fringe of Republicans as he seeks the speakership next year<br>McCarthy later angered Democrats and some in his own party by promising to restore committee assignments to two lawmakers accused of promoting violence against lawmakers.<br>Republican Paul Gosar of Arizona was censured by the House for posting a doctored anime cartoon depicting him him killing Rep.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York – a leading female progressive in Congress.<br>And earlier this year, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lost her roles on the budget and education committees for online comments supporting violence against Democratic officials before she took office. <br>McCarthy has since suggested they might be offered better assignments if Republicans retake the House in midterms next year. <br>Rep.

    Adam Kinzinger, one of the few Republicans prepared to publicly criticize Trump and his loyalists, said McCarthy had decided to cozy up to extremists in order to please Trump – overlooking quieter voices. <br>’These aren’t the ones that you know, tweet all the time,’ he told MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ program on Monday.<br>

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