4. Compete In Tournaments

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How tournaments work

A tournament can be created by clicking on the Create a tournament button in your profile drop down menu.



Add some info about the tournament.  Some examples might include the following:

  • Tournament title – Name your tournament
  • Time/date – Set start time, date, and timezone
  • Tournament description – Put some basic information about the event here
  • Number of participants – This is the minimum required number of participants needed for your tournament
  • The minimum allowable number of participants you need is 3
  • Tournament type – The default is set to Knockout.  Additional options include Ladder, Round Robin with Knockout, and League
  • Location – Set where tournament will be held. Typically you would just say “Online” etc.
  • Game – Select which game/game mode(s) will be played in this tournament
  • Contestants – Who will be able to join… individual players or teams
  • Game format – How many rounds will be played per match. Choose one of 5 formats, from best of 1 (single round) to best of 5
  • Game frequency – This is a time between matches. You can set it from 15 minutes up to one match per month
  • Tournament frequency – How often will this tournament occur? Will it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly one?
  • Maps – Choose which map(s) will be played on tournament
  • Regulations – Additional tournament regulations and information (e.g., CWL rules, custom rules, etc.).  Add as many fields as you’d like in order to provide as much detail as possible to others looking to sign up
  • Rewards – If interested, go for it (more on this in the future)





Tournament types

Engage currently supports 4 tournament types:

  • Knockout
  • League
  • Round Robin + Knockout
  • Ladder

After a tournament in published, as soon as tournament start time occurs you should be able to see the brackets that are generated.  At least 3 participants are needed to properly generate the brackets and to allow completion of the tournament.

NOTE: depending on how you set up your tournament, “participants” may consist of either teams, or individual players.

Knockout – standard tournament

This is the simplest and default tournament type.  The winner of a given match goes on to the next round. The tournament is over when the last pair of participants play their final match.


As soon as a tournament starts, table and match schedules will be generated. Participants will play one match with every other participant who has entered.  Scoring is currently defined as follows:


Wins:  3 points

Draws:  1 point

Losses:  0 points


Once everyone has finished their matches a winner will be declared based on points earned over the course of the event.

Round Robin + Knockout

This tournament type is a combination of League and Knockout formats. First the league phase takes place, after which a set of playoff brackets in form of knockout are generated. The top 4 participants proceed to the playoff knockout rounds.


A ladder is an ongoing event that does not have any immediately defined end time; for example, think of it as a typical sports season.  (The ladder style tournament simply ends when the tournament creator presses the STOP button.)

In this tournament mode, the goal is to get to the top of the ladder by challenging participants ranked above you, and simultaneously be faced with defending your current rank from those beneath you.

You/your team are currently capable of challenging anyone at any level along the existing ladder, although in time this may get tweaked a bit (challenges may be set up in the future to have a defined limit, e.g., can only be within 2-3 slots away, etc.).


Below is the general concept of the Ladder style tournament:

  • If Place5 challenges Place3 and wins, they will switch positions.
  • If instead Place3 had won, then their ranks will not change.
  • BUT – It’s a bit more complicated than that (isn’t everything?…).  Challenge wisely, because the system takes note of your decisions made and “charges” you, not only for each challenge but also each decline.
  • Every time you challenge someone, you will receive one “challenge charge” point.
  • To keep things fluid and dynamic, if you decline a challenge submitted by another participant, you will also be issued one “decline charge” point.

You are issued a new batch of charge tokens every 24h, however, do note that they are not cumulative and therefore cannot be stored for future use

If a participant doesn’t have any remaining decline charges and gets challenged, it must be accepted, otherwise by default the system will assume a loss by forfeit and thus automatically switch places with the challenger.

Have at it, soldier.


A few screenshots to help you get started


An example of a tournament may look something like this:




You can also add regulations and prizes (COMING SOON!!!), or just bragging rights too:




Once you Publish your tournament it will be viewable by others to look over and decide whether to join: