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    • Couple rings or promise rings for couples?

      <a href="">Couple Rings Set</a> – The best way to do this is by using it. Diverse in symbolism, couple rings often represent the step between engagement and marriage and are worn to demonstrate your commitment to one another, however their significance often is different from couple to couple. Ultimately though, even if you don't plan to get married the couple rings are a statement of equality in a relationship representing your love and devotion to one another.

      What's the distinction between an engagement band and a couple's ring?

      Couple rings are a contemporary idea and an opportunity for couples at all stages of their relationship to remember the special moments that they have had together and to signify their relationship. A couple ring could be followed by the engagement ring to represent the promise of marriage. For more ideas, check out our guide to diamond engagement rings.

      Unique couple rings

      What makes couple rings is that they let you create your own unique. While diamond size and the quantity of diamonds are the most important factors when choosing engagement and wedding rings Your couple rings can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in an ring with a diamond design that is more imaginative.

      What finger do we wear our rings as a couple?

      Because you'll probably have your rings on all the time make sure they're suited to daily wear.

      Also, remember that whilst your finger for a ring is the standard placement for engagement and wedding rings Couple rings can be positioned anywhere on your finger. .

      Forever couple rings

      What matters most is that you love your partner and cherish the moments you share with your partner.

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    • Good luck taking on the Yakamaru!

      <a href="">RS3 Yakamaru Guide</a> For Newbies

      Yakamaru can be considered the 2nd boss in The Liberation of Mazcab raid, with up to 10 players participating in the same battle. Although the fight itself have many mechanics and sections that require collaboration of players. However, with a little knowledge and practice and communication between your teammates, it can become a quite enjoyable and easy boss encounter.

      This guide is intended to teach the basic mechanics of Yakamaru. It will also discuss strategies, tips and tricks to help you make your first kills , and even more. Since this is a mechanically intensive group battle with a lengthy guide, it's broken into a few sections (all connected in The Table of Contents) for easier navigation:

      To know what the roles are and what each one does, go to the roles at Yakamaru.

      To know more about Yakamaru's attacks and pool mechanics, check out Auto Attacks, Special Attacks and Pool Mechanics.

      Go to the Fight Overview for a quick overview of the fight. Fight Phases for more details.

      In the battle with Yakamaru It's unlikely to see him move about much, and he'll just be jumping between the pools as his health begins to decline. The room will be made up of pools that indicate the phase in which Yakamaru begins to employ the different attacking techniques and styles. There will be five phases in which you need to endure, and do nearly 5,600,000 of damage.

      In general

      Yamakaru will only be playing with players within the 20×20 radius of the area, and Yamakaru won't attack with any type of Melee attacks, as it only employs Magic moves when within a Melee area. Once you've covered a distance of a few tiles, you'll start to be attacked by Ranged instead which is a form of tentacles rising from the ground. You can counter it by using Devotion and Debilitate in the fight to take in lesser damage.

      If you're focused on being an DPS player, ensure that you're standing at an appropriate distance from it. Also, since the accuracy for the boss can be exceptionally high, you should be prepared beforehand with the help of top defensive gear. Sure, there are a number of attacks that may not be successful however it doesn't mean that the following attack will so be missed. Always remain focused. If you're describing your player as a tank, then put on the most effective defensive gear you have and take it on from a melee range to ensure positive results.

      Refusing the Battle

      If you're feeling like you've had enough and that there's a danger to your life, you can quit the fight. A message will appear on your chat box stating how Yakamaru believes you're an insufferable coward. The messages will differ based upon the particular situation you're in. The message that is displayed is 'Yakamaru is not happy with your self-defence, and will shoot dangerous projectiles in your direction and will shoot you with deadly projectiles!'. It could result in 2,000 inflicted damage on your persona. The only way that you could actually exit the battle is to either leave the group you're part of as well as asking your boss to do this.

      Roles of the Team

      You can choose to adopt various roles when fighting Yakamaru. For example the base Tank serves as the primary attack for the boss and is the one who deals the most damages to team members. You can also choose to become the Poison Tank and deal Yakamaru's poison at the end of every pool and reflect it back. You need not worry because the person playing as a Support role assists the Poison Tank when the boss has been poisoned by the Poison Tank. There's also the North Tank who inflicts damage to the boss, and that's the Shark Tank that shows its real potential during the mirage stage.

      If you're ready to go with DPS and Yakamara, then go at it with all you have Do not worry about the damage you inflict, as it's all about performing your rotations correctly. In the pool with sharks, move to the northern side of the tendril to get away from the most damage from the sharks or plank it up. For the sand-filled pool, concentrate on freeing players who are trapped in the hands to avoid serious injuries. For the beautiful pool, you can use stun to block effects that could affect melee and magic specs.

      If you're willing to go to Poison Tank, your role is to grab poison from the top of each pool and reflecting it back to Yakamara. In contrast, if you choose to go to the Support position, then you have to aid with the Poison Tank once he/she has successfully reflected the poison back at the boss.

      If you're deciding to go to Sand Tank, you must work in a similar manner that you would Base Tank in the moment the mirage phase starts. But, if you do not intend to be a tank in this phase it is possible to become a full DPS and perform the pool duties. It's a great option to help the DPS players when they're done with the tendrils and sharks.

      If you're going to take on Shark Tank, you must keep the focus of mirages toward you and away from the DPS. There's no reason to tank, so you're free to inflict as much damage in the way you want to. Meanwhile, the Stun DPS will be focusing on the stunning pool when it is revealed.

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    • Old School RuneScape Nightmare Zone

      <a href="">The nightmare zone</a> is a mini-game close to Yanille. In this mini-game players can battle quest-bosses in a dream state. A lot of players from OSRs visit the nightmare zone in order to develop their melee and ranged. This zone has become popular due to its AFK gameplay without the risk of dying because the nightmare zone is a completely safe mini-game.

      The nightmare zone is hands down the most ideal place to train AFK in old school Runescape. It's actually so simple to master fighting here that many players actually hate it. In the zone of nightmares, any player can score 99 attacks strength, strength and defence when watching Netflix or playing on another account or playing. Excited yet? Let's get going by reading this comprehensive OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide.

      Additionally, to the fact that you are able to easily AFK train in the nightmare zone, people also come here for the rewards. This is also the only place that lets you imbue with items like slayer's helmets or salve amulets as well as rings such asthe ring of suffering, berserker ring as well as a warrior ring. You can also make money in the nightmare zone by using your points to purchase 15 herb boxes per day , earning 150k each day, or 4.5M monthly.

      How to Get To The Nightmare Zone In OSRS

      The nightmare zone is located in Yanille, the easiest way to reach it is using the mini-game menu for teleports. This is available to each player. The mini-game teleport menu can be accessible in the quest menu. It is located under the red gem icon.

      Nightmare Zone Requirements

      To access the zone of nightmares, you must be able to complete at least 5 quests listed below. These are quests with bosses that you will need to be able to encounter within the state of dream. There aren't any stat requirements for the nightmare zone however, for optimal results, you must have at least 70 combat.

      The nightmare zone isn't a free mini-game. To play one or more game types, you need to pay every time. To do this you should first deposit funds into your coin purse (preferably at least 100K). To start the nightmare zone you need to talk with dominic onions (make that you've coins stored inside the pouch) and select the game mode you prefer. Then drink from the vial to start in the zone of nightmares.

      Your First Game at The Nightmare Zone

      Absorption and other potions can only be purchased with reward points earned in the zone of nightmares. Therefore, you must first play at least a couple (or one excellent) game in order to earn points that will allow you to purchase the potions. The best way to earn these points the fastest is to go into the fear zone by using prayer potions and staying there until you have at least 100,0000 points. If you fail to achieve it in one game, play another. When you reach 100K plus points from the nightmare zone reward, you can begin buying potions that absorb sound to train in the nightmare zone.

      AFK Methods

      Absorptions and Overloads (5 minutes)

      The five-minute AFK technique is based on Overloads and Absorptions which require you to come back to the computer and re-drink the Overload, then go until 1 hitpoint. Since you're healed to 50 Hitpoints when the Overload runs out and you are harmed frequently by monsters in the area since their max hit is now 1 or low.

      Absorptions &amp; Super Combat Potions (20 mins)

      You'll have a longer time to AFK in the event that you use Super combat potions instead Overloads as you won't receive the 50 hitpoint boost after five minutes. But, with time, you'll gain your hitpoints , you will still be able to continue AFK for about 10 minutes before you should decrease your health levels again and re-drink Super combat potions.

      Prayer &amp; Pray Bonus Gear (10 minutes)

      When you Prayer being a priority, you must get the most effective Prayer bonus gear, Overload potions, and an extensive inventory of Prayer potions. If you have a great Bonus to Prayer, you could get up to 10-minutes with the protection prayer on. The difference to this is that you only select bosses using 1 combat style. Like I have mentioned earlier and you should be focused on bosses that utilize Melee.

      Guthans on Easy Rumble (20 mins)

      You are able to AFK for up to 20 minutes prior to you stop attacking with Guthans. There are no remedies for this, as the main idea is your Guthans will repair the harm you suffer. This should be done on Rumble Easy. When you Rumble Hard, even with 99 Defence, you will be destroyed by the majority of bosses.

      If you're planning to go through Guthans but you want to do Guthans, you'd be better off going to Bandit camp with a Saradomin or Zamorak item for much cheaper and much greater AFK training.


      The rewards from the Nightmare Zone are located in a chest that is located near Dominic Onion, and the rewards are split by three types: Upgrades, Resources, and Benefits. These rewards can be purchased through Reward points earned within the minigame. The maximum amount of 2,147,483,647 reward points could be stored in the chest in one go.

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    • Old School Runescape Skotizo Overviews

      <a href="">Skotizo</a> is a demon boss who is solo which you can fight beneath the Catacombs that lie beneath Kourend. In order to access Skotizo one must give up an entire Dark Totem, which you can build from three different totem pieces dropped by all monsters in the Catacombs. It could take a long time to gather all three pieces, which is why it's difficult to 'farm Skotizo in the similar way as other bosses who are solo, such as Zulrah or Vorkath – he does, however, offer some high-quality drops. He's also the only boss to have an 100% rate of drop for Clue Scrolls.

      The most common strategy used by Skotizo is to just gear to maximize DPS while trying to find a mix of melee and magical defence. Skotizo tends to use melee attacks when close to melee, but may occasionally use magic attacks. This is why you should pray melee when you're within melee range.

      Skotizo will occasionally activate the Awakened Altars that are located on the sides of the room, in North South West, East and the West side of the room. For each Altar that is active Skotizo will gain defence. If you are a maxed player, you may be able to leave all 4 Awakened Altars in active use and be able to penetrate Skotizo's defense, but in the event that you don't have 90+ statistics, it is recommended that you not allow more than two Altars in active status at once.

      If you're running around the room , trying to take on the altar, you must switch your prayer to protect from magic to avoid taking injury from Skotizo's magic attacks.

      As with all demons, Skotizo is prone to the effects in demonbane-based weapons. If currently in a black or greater demon assignment, Skotizo could be also susceptible to Black mask or Slayer helmet benefits.

      Generally, the best method to fight Skotizo is to employ Arclight as well as wear armor with the highest Magic Defence (e.g. black dragonhide armour) and keep Protect from Melee activated, so the sole attack is due to Skotizo's magical attacks. If the player is able to purchase one, a twisting bow can be the most effective weapon to fight Skotizo, and it can be used in close range while praying Protect from Magic to do absolutely no damage. A Dragon warhammer also works during battle due to its unique effects, however those who do not have one can use the Arclight special attack for similar results.

      In any moment during the fight Skotizo may randomly activate Awakened Altars in the north east, south and west central parts within the space. These Altars each have 100 Hitpoints in each, enhance the defense of the player and also provide the effect of reducing damage when they are activated. It is best to get them removed whenever they are in the presence of two or more since they can dramatically boost its defense and decrease damage by up to 60 percent using Arclight and up to 100% with other weapons (15 percent and 25% per tower respectively). When travelling to disable the Awakened Altars, the user should switch temporarily to protect from Magic, as Skotizo does not close in to use melee attacks. Arclight will instantly disable them with one blow, no matter what the stats of the user and equipment; this effect does not apply to the demonbane spells found in the Arceuus spellbook. Potions for stamina are advised as you will have to run around to disable the Altars. Note that the presence of an Arclight available or even in the inventory of a player can cause more altars to appear. This is why players who want to lower their cost of stamina potions or simply prefer less running might not prefer using the Arclight. Toxic blowpipes are an excellent weapon to fight altars in the case that the player does not have Arclight.

      If Skotizo's health is depleted, it summons three demons spawned from reanimation to aid it. Skotizo may also summon Dark Ankou in order to aid in unspecified circumstances. If the player uses Protect from Melee and they are not in danger, they present no threat. If the minions have been killed Skotizo could summon them once more. So, fighting minions is not beneficial therefore the player should concentrate on Skotizo as well as the Altars.

      Skotizo Drops OSRS

      The most pressing question regarding Skotizo on OSRS is more than likely the reward you can possibly get for defeating Skotizo the boss. The typical drop amount for winning Skotizo is about 167K gp. You will see drops of Ashes and the Clue Scroll (hard) plus a guarantee of at least one old shard. There's a slim chance that you could roll Skotizo's sub-table, which includes cut Dragonstone or uncut Onyx.

      There's also a chance of getting rune armour as well in addition to runes such as Death, Soul and Blood runes in the event of luck. When it comes to resources, there are varieties of Adamantite ore, a grimy Torstol and Snapdragon or Runite and raw anglerfish. So needless to say, there are plenty of lucrative drops for you to gain. You may find that Brimstone Keys can be obtained for beating this particular boss, but it's worth noting that they're only available when you take out Skotizo while on Konar quo Maten's Slayer task.

      One of the most rare releases is The Jar of Darkness. The Jar of Darkness can be clicked to make your screen go briefly black, and the chatbox says that you see the darkness. It can be used in a player's Achievement Gallery in a boss lair to create a display of Skotizo. It is important to note it is that the chance of dropping for this is extremely low.

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    • OSRS Maps Guide

      <a href="">Best OSRS Maps</a> Locations Complete Summary

      To open the world map for the world map, click you must click the World map button that is located on the Minimap needs to be clicked. It is possible to open the floating map (default Left click) or right click on the map icon and choose fullscreen to view the map in fullscreen mode. The result will change your game screen to the World Map view. (Note that the fullscreen map view cannot be used in combat or during other activities.) The map is constantly changing. Users can search the map using keywords, swiftly move from one area to another one, view the "Key" list, where each icon is explained , and then click to reveal all of the locations for the particular icon. The dynamic map can also be zoomed in accordance with the user's preferences.

      As the map on the fullscreen is being displayed, your character appears to be staring at a piece of parchment that could have maps on it. This could prevent other players from assuming you're not paying attention.


      The world map, when loaded, will show the present location of the user. In order to drag the map around you have to use the mouse.

      You're here

      "You are here" feature "You Are Here" feature indicates the place of the player in the world map. While looking at a different area of the map it is possible to click the "You are Here" Arrow is left-clicked and opens the focus option , which allows you to scroll in a sequence back to current location.This feature is able to be turned off from the Key side panel, under 'you have arrived'.

      Dungeon maps

      For this option, select an Dungeon from the drop-down list near the lower right of the map, or click on the entrance to one of the dungeons on the map of the world. After doing so you will see the top of Gielinor will disappear and all left to be seen is an underground world made solely of dungeons. You are able to view other dungeons even if the one you have clicked on isn't tied to the dungeon you want to visit to any extent. However, some dungeons like the Ogre Enclave or the Barrows and other dungeons visited during quests are not visible on the map.

      "Expand" or click "Expand" to access the list of locations not displayed on the world map:

      Intra-map links

      Intra-map link lines are lines that show the locations that are connected to one another. They are shown as tiny colored yellow squares (World map map intramap square.png) and can be activated by hovering over them using the mouse. The yellow lines will be visible and indicate the point at which they are connected.

      This feature can be turned off by selecting 'Key' in the side panel that is located under Intramap links.

      Fremennik Province

      Fremennik Province is an area north of Kandarin that houses the Fremenniks otherwise known as the barbarians. The province is known as the birthplace of humanity since everyone in Runescape descend from the Fremenniks. Other inhabitants of this province include dwarves. They have been living in the provinces nearly longer than the Fremenniks. This province is composed one main island as well as several smaller islands that lie off its coast.

      Rellekka is the capital of the Fremennik Province which is accessible to member plays having completed The Fremennik Trial mission. It's a favorite due to the many activities for training, such as the mining, cooking, agility and smithing, as well as fishing. The city also has an airport that takes players to various islands.

      Miscellania and Etceteria are two small islands located off on the shores of Fremennik which can be accessed after having completed the Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble quests. They are unique in that the work you perform such as cutting trees or mining does not provide the player with items, but will improve your rating among the citizens.

      Jtizso along with Neitiznot are the two cities that form Fremennik Isle. The cities are accessible once you have completed The Fremennik Isles. Both cities have banks, a general store, and port. Neitiznot has a furnace and clothing store. Jatiszo offers mining as well as an anvil and an armor store.

      Lunar Island is a crescent moon-shaped island that can be accessed by those who have completed enough of their Lunar Diplomacy quest. The island is home to an Astral Altar. It also houses an ATM, a general store and a boutique for fine clothing and The Lunar Isle mine.

      Waterbirth Island is another crescent moon-shaped island. The island is great for combat training because of the huge dungeon. There aren't any homes or even citizens on the island, making its use mainly to train combat and exploring dungeons.


      Kandarin is one of the kingdoms located in Runescape that is run by King Lathas of East Ardougne. Kandarin is home to the only democratically elected government in Runescape However it's a very weak state in comparison to the established monarchy.

      Ardougne is known as the capital of Kandarin It is divided in East and West regions. West Ardougne is closed off to the public because of a mysterious plague. Players are able to gain access by working on The Plague city questline. The city is massive and includes a range of shops, two banks Zoo, a pub as well as fields and the Combat Training Camp.

      Catherby is a fishing village , and is considered the most suitable place to learn fishing. The village contains a bank, an archery shop and a general shop, and a port that is small.

      Seer's Village Seer's village and Camelot Castle are two locations which are located right next to each other. Seer's village is home to an anvil, a bar as well as a bank. Camelot Castle is the starting point to complete The Holy Grail and Merlins Crystal quests. It also functions as the nearest teleport for Seer's Village.

      Hemenster is another tiny fishing village in Kandarin. Although it's a small village, it offers several fishing spots, a bank, a fish store, and an area for the fishing and the ranging guilds.

      Yanille is the second largest city in Kandarin and is situated to the south of Ardougne. The city is guarded heavily because of the threat of Ogres. The city is home to the bank, a pub as well as a hunting shop as well as the Wizards Guild.

      Tree Gnome Stronghold can be described as being the capital of the gnomes and hosts the world's first agility camp. In the Grand Tree area of the stronghold houses two banks, numerous bars, and shops. A second bank is situated near the agility training area as well as several training facilities for the cutting of trees and fishing.

      Tree Gnome Village houses the gnomes and is located in a large hedge maze center. The village is small and has only one general store. The dungeon is underneath the village.

      White Wolf Mountain is the boundary between Asgarnia as well as Kandarin. The mountain is dangerous to lower-level players but useful for learning combat techniques for higher-level players. Below the mountain is a tunnel that may be reached after having completed your Fishing Contest Quest, making travelling through the mountain more secure and less difficult.


      Tirannwn is a heavily forested region west of Kandarin and is accessible when you complete by completing the Regicide quest. The region is home for the Elves who retreated to the area after they had been defeated in God Wars.

      Prifddinas is a fantastic Elven city that is protected by walls made from Elven crystal. There isn't much information available about the city and it's only accessible via the Song of the Elves quest.

      Tyras Camp is a small military camp run by the King Tyras. The camp is home to the furnace as well as a general store. It is also possible to buy any kind of halberd, with the exception of the white type.

      Elf Camp The Elf Camp tiny camp of elf warriors which is led by the Lord of Lorewerth. The camp houses one of the four looms that are used in the game, making it a popular place to make.

      Lletya is an area that can be explored after starting Mourning's Ends Part 1. The city has a bank with an altar and a range, as well as a spinning wheel as well as a general store, a food store and a seamstress.


      Wilderness is open for all users, except the northernmost part. The northernmost portion of the Wilderness is a members-only area that contains a mage arena and one agility training course. While there are perks of training in these regions, the agility course and the mage arena are located deep in the wilderness and leave players vulnerable to PVP combat and high-level enemies.

      Feldip Hills

      Feldip Hills are located south of Yanille and are home to Ogres. Gu'Tanoth is the main city. Gu'Tanoth has a general store. In the western part of the town is Jiggig which is full of Zogres and Skogres. In the southern part of this region, you will find a Hunter Training area that is suitable for hunting chompy. The area is called Corsair Cove, there's banks and a port.

      Troll Country

      Troll Country is in the northern part located in Geilinor which is also a mountainous state ruled by trolls. The main village is called The Troll Stronghold. The Stronghold is not a huge place but adventurers will be there when they are completing quests that involve Trolls. Within it is the Stronghold is Trollheim the highest mountain within Troll Country.

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