1. Registration and Profile

 Community News Flash
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I want to join. What do I do?

After you register you will receive a confirmation email that contains an activation link.  Please click the link in order to activate your account.  You must log in for the first time by clicking the activation link.

Accessing your Profile Menu

Logged in members will notice at the top right of the screen (top center if using your mobile device) a circle-shaped icon with your username and a default profile picture.  This is your profile menu.  Many of the site’s features are accessed through this menu by clicking on the drop down arrow.


I registered and logged in.  What’s next?

The first thing you need to do is to go over to your Profile, which is the first item on the drop down list from your profile menu.  This will take you to your personal profile page where you can tell everyone a bit about yourself and upload a custom avatar and background image.

Before anything else,

  • tab over to Settings and confirm that you have included your gamer tag in your profile name.  Don’t worry about entering your real name, as long as you have your gamertag showing then you’re good. 
  • Next, scroll down to the About Me section and put a little time into telling us about yourself.  Please include some basic things such as your time zone, whether you would rate yourself as casual, competitive, or somewhere in-between, and a general schedule for when you’re usually on (“daily from x to y o’clock” or “whenever, just hit me up” or even “I’m hardly on, family comes first” etc. etc.).  To save your info, be sure to click the Update button at the bottom of the screen.

*This section will be changed a little over time, but for now just go with it.


My profile is set up.  What’s next?

One of the key functionalities of our community involves creating Teams and challenging others.  Registered members have full access to create one or more Teams.  Creating or joining a Team allows for you to participate in various events, which include match challenges and tournaments as discussed below.

This site has incorporated the drag and drop page editor “Visual Composer” into the front end of the site.

While over time we will continue to expand upon the features you will have access to, for now we will be focusing on how to set up Teams, Challenges, and Tournaments.

A team can be created by going to your profile menu and selecting the Create a team option. Each user can create any number of teams, and can be a member to any number of teams created by other members; more on this later.

Please click here to learn how Teams work.