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    I believe that individuals with mental illness and a family history of addiction should be able to use the psychiatric treatment they have been denied, since such conditions should be a public health concern. This would make them more accountable to the public for their actions, and to society. I would also encourage the use of the line “on the other hand, clinicians should be able to use the psychiatric treatment they have been denied, because this should be a public health concern.” I think the only reason that psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe drugs for pain is to let patients know that they should never make a decision that they think is dangerous. I agree with your suggestion of that, and especially considering the issue of addiction, which is so much of a problem. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your input. Anyone who has dealt with a problem with drug addiction is well-aware of the stigma and often the fear of being called a drug addict. In addition to the stigma, people know that even in the outside world, the drug can be addictive. I am a young couple and this is a learning experience. I have experienced some of the things I now know and spent a lot of time with in my life. I am among those to realize this. I have been taking stimulant drugs and have taken an additional dose, which I will discuss in a future post. The second dose was 10 and the first was 40. This was a 20mg dose, which is why I am taking this all the time. It can take weeks for me to get the right dose, so I have to get the right dose for the right problem. I have a family history of drug use and my friends and relatives are always being called bad people. I think you are right that people should not be denied psychiatric treatment, for these issues are so common. If that does not work then someone should be able to use their skills to help people. I would like to talk about the use of drugs for people suffering with chronic pain. It is true that the only two drugs that are approved for pain management are the more common pain medications, which are generic and over the counter.

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