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Official Policy and Rulebook

Effective November 2013; last updated April 2018




Clan principles

    • Teamwork
    • Diversity
    • Communication
    • Strategy

Incoming members

The goal of the clan is to develop and implement various Team-based approaches to the game, and because of this, Leadership strives to ensure that there is little if any turnover.  Members join because they have, or wish to develop, a more tactical approach to the game.  While not always actively recruiting, the clan welcomes and will party up with anyone interested.

Procedure for membership

Those interested in joining will be assigned the title of Candidate.  Candidates are subject to a probationary period that typically lasts 1-2 weeks.  Each Candidate is evaluated by existing members of the clan, and determination of eligibility will be made after ample discussion and by Leadership vote.  This is also an opportunity for the Candidate to meet, interact with, and evaluate existing clan members without any sense of pressure or commitment.  Doing so ensures that both parties are satisfied with the final decision.

Drd4 actively seeks members who share the following traits:

    • Overall positive attitude
    • Selfless; desire to WIN matches; playing the objective and not obsessing over kdr
    • Reasonable degree of gun skill; general knowledge of the game
    • Willingness to learn team-based tactical strategy
    • Comfortable in working with and acknowledging an in-game party Lead
    • Being active; teaming up; starting and/or joining parties on one’s own will
    • Respectful of diversity; does not judge race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference

How “active” must I be?

Drd4 is made up of casual gamers (i.e., ‘pubs’; clan vs. clan events; clan wars) and those who are more competitive in nature (i.e., participate in MLG/UMG-scheduled events; tournament play).  Regardless of which type of player you are, each clan member is expected to regularly participate on one or more designated Teams.  Working in a Team is key to the success of this clan… a foundation of which we learn and grow from (thank you ic3hott lols).  The Team concept has proven to be an exciting balance of fun and success, for it helps to develop and secure player chemistry, gives a framework to establish pre-planned tactical strategies, and instills the greatest opportunity for securing a victory.  And no doubt is super fun!

Because of this underlying philosophy however, being as active as possible is the single most important characteristic as a member of the clan.  Candidates who are truly “Casual” gamers or otherwise cannot commit to regularly scheduled training events, tend to be hit-and-miss online, and/or are otherwise not interested in working as part of a Team, will not be considered

General participation requirements

The following is a general overview with regard to your participation as a member of the clan

Mid-week; non-war weekends 

    • Be as active as possible!
    • Get into a set routine and share with others your availability
    • Post on the clan Facebook page when you’re usually on during the week
    • Hop in the Skype chatroom at any time and hit people up to join

War events excluding Diamond Division

NOTE:   The official war schedule is pending at this time, as Treyarch/AV has not yet formally released any information of significance; it is possible that clan wars will end up not being structured the same way as was in AW, Ghosts, etc. – stay tuned for updates  

In general,

    • If you end up registering for a given war, please commit to the designated time slots to the best of your ability
    • If you did not register for a war, feel free to hop into any active party chats regardless and say hello, or come on in and play a couple games if an open slot is available
    • It is to be assumed that not registering for a war is a result of scheduling conflicts such as work, family, playing in or attending a sporting event, or other pre-arranged obligations that preclude you from participating
    • If for example you are available all weekend but did not register by choice, or are otherwise engaged in other games or social activities, please understand that
  • this is not fair to those participating in the war
  • leadership will note this as you being uninterested in the clan
  • repeat patterns are subject to demotion of status and/or eventual dismissal

War events (Diamond Division) 

Diamond Division is the highest level of public match play in clan wars (more on this as additional information is released), and as such, there are additional requirements to be announced in the near future.  We are waiting to find out more with regard to Black Ops III

In general, participating members should abide by the following

      • Confirmation by an Officer or in-game Lead as being registered on one or more Teams
      • You have had sufficient pre-war practice time with a given Team
      • Be 100% active during the entire round (currently = 4 h; subject to change)
      • Attend all rounds of the war (currently = 2-3 rounds; subject to change)
      • Because time is often critical at this level,
  • eat dinner at your game station
  • use the restroom/ take short breaks as needed, and
  • do so in a coordinated effort with your team (“… ok, everyone let’s take 5 minutes… and then get right back into it”)

Comp Team events (Gamebattles, UMG)

Ranked play is highly encouraged for all members as it still resides within the category of ‘public matches’.  We are however in the early phases of establishing a subdivision for those seeking to also play at a more competitive level; Leadership will post updates along with any general requirements for participating, in the near future

Communication and updates through Skype and Facebook

  • Members are expected to create a Skype account and Facebook account if he/she does not currently have one, and engage with the group as a whole on a regular basis
  • Skype is used for informal, day-to-day communication.  A main chatroom has been established; contact The_Quota to be added
  • We rarely, if ever, communicate through PSN messaging
  • The in-app ‘clan chat’ is also never used
  • Skype is also used during clan wars in order to effectively communicate across parties
  • Bouncing in and out of party chats during time-restricted challenging events is only for rare occasions, and is restricted to in-game Team Leads
  • Everyone is encouraged to use Skype for communicating with other parties during wars
  • Facebook is used as a venue to post general announcements and to archive longer-term clan related matters such as the listing of Teams, availabilities, the registration page for various scheduled events (and of course, this document!)  Members are expected to
  • Check the Facebook page regularly to be sure you are up to date on things
  • Register and participate in any intra- and inter- clan practices and scrimmages, Team events, and the wars/raids/etc.
  • Post anything you wish up on the page; posts are not restricted to only cod
  • If you choose to turn off your notifications for either Skype or Facebook, please visit these sites regardless as frequently as possible; checking Skype on a daily basis and visiting the Facebook page at least twice a week is strongly encouraged

Organizational Structure
In order to ensure clan success, there is an element of organization and structure in place that is to be followed across membership.  Regardless of your rank, it is expected that you willfully uphold and respect this at all times.  Leadership, by its very nature, is critical for any organized group, big or small.

Having said that, we are not a dictatorship; we believe that every member should have a fair say and be treated as an equal.  Each of the Drd4 Leaders are committed to assisting all members.

Leadership positions and summary of duties
The following are general descriptions of each leadership role within the clan, followed by the corresponding username(s) of those serving.  Members holding a Leadership role are to be recognized as an in-game party Lead 

Commander (C)

      • Oversees planning of organized clan events
      • Ensures strong, active membership and positive, thriving environment
      • Coordinates with LC and FO to determine war rosters and participation in Teams
      • Executes decisions as needed, by democratic vote, with LC and FO; includes
  • Roster Status (active vs. inactive)
  • Recruitment of new members; assembly of Teams
  • Demotion and/or removal of members from the clan


Lieutenant Commander (LC)  

Second in Command.  LC has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the future and success of the organization; has secured with C an exceptional degree of trust, respect, and decision-making influence

      • Possesses extensive gaming skill and in-game knowledge
      • Works alongside C and FO to plan and organize various clan operations
      • In the absence of C (ill, out of town, etc.) serves as temporary Commander; upon doing so shall be acknowledged and treated as equivalent of C


Field Officer (FO)  

Three positions in total.  FO have demonstrated a long-term commitment toward training and development; assists C/LC to establish and maintain organized, structured Teams; have secured with C/LC an exceptional degree of trust, respect, and decision-making influence

  • Possesses extensive gaming skill and in-game knowledge
      • Works alongside C and LC to implement and execute clan operations
  • Assembles and leads scheduled training events
  • Develops in-game tactical strategies per game mode
      • Assists C/LC as needed on matters addressed by democratic vote (e.g., roster status, recruitment, demotion)
      • Primary point of contact for inquiries on gaming events, Teams and member participation (public and competitive subdivisions), and additional social media venues (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)


Note to incoming members
*When you have finished reading the following two sections (General guidelines and Clan expectations), we ask that you directly contact The_Quota and confirm in writing that you understand, have acknowledged, and will respect the items being presented as a member of this clan.  We want everyone to have the best experience possible and therefore it is crucial that you take the time to do so.

General guidelines

Conflict Resolution
If a potential problem does arise, note that all matters are run in as democratic a manner as possible.  Decisions by leadership are not made until all opposing sides are heard and a consensus has been reached.  Penalties can range from a temporary demotion of status to being permanently banned from the clan, depending on the circumstances at hand

Personal Conduct
It is presumed that we are all in this clan to have fun and be social, but also to play hard and be active during wars.  The clan strongly encourages communication with one another, helping each other out, and sharing our own experiences with one another.  Members are encouraged to seek leadership on the battlefield though teaming up with any available/online Party Leads.  Teaming up and working together will in turn strengthen the skills of the individual and bolster the abilities of the clan as a whole

Members are more than welcome to enjoy time on their own (playing solo, partying with non-member friends, etc.).  However, those who consistently do not party up, accept invites, or remain inactive over time without ample notification, are not demonstrating a level of commitment that we believe is crucial for success.  Prolonged periods of inactivity, without prior notification, is not acceptable.  We are not trying to be your mom; rather, it’s about respect and brotherhood

In addition, note there is ZERO tolerance of the following:

  • Knowingly hurting the feelings of other members
  • Unwillingness to give OR receive constructive feedback
  • Use of excessively vulgar statements in conversation; be aware of who is in the party, some of us could be younger, female, or otherwise just more ‘mature’ than others
  • Repeated failure to respect in-game decisions by the Party Lead; for example, if A-Dom and B-Dom are already taken, DO NOT attempt to triple-cap if instructed not to do so.

Use of Clan Tag
We encourage you to display the tag whenever possible, but do not require it for membership; you won’t get kicked simply because you aren’t wearing the tag.

If anything, there will be times (especially during wars) when NOT wearing the tag is probably a better option (e.g., easier to get into games since many random’s quickly panic and leave the lobby after seeing a team of 6 all wearing the same tag).

General Expectations For Clan Wars (subject to change; TBD)
The clan roster (denoting active from inactive members) must be locked 24 hours prior to a given clan war (i.e., by 3 pm EST the Thursday before a war that begins 3 pm Friday).

By default, if you do not notify leadership that you will be participating ONE FULL DAY earlier (i.e., in above example, by 3 pm EST the WEDNESDAY prior to the war), it is assumed that you will NOT be playing in the war.

As an active member registered for an upcoming war, we cannot emphasize enough that your participation is crucial in order for this clan to survive.  Participate in the wars as much as you can… this is especially critical during close battles for the lead spot.

While we understand that there are going to be times when you just can’t contribute to a given war, we do ask that you find enough time to participate in clan wars as much as possible, even if serving as an “inactive”, non-point contributing participant.  There will be times where inactive members are just as important as those who are contributing points.

To ensure that everyone knows who everybody is, please go to the in-game roster at least once prior to each clan war and be sure to friend request anyone that is not currently on your friends list.

Clan expectations

  • Play the game as often as you can, take breaks as needed… and have fun!
  • Get into a regular routine of logging in, loading up the game, and going right into party chat to join any existing parties… even if just to say hello.
  • Especially during wars, if you receive an invite to a party/lobby from another member, even if you have no clue who he/she is per se, please accept the invite, or take a minute to at least send back a message explaining why you cannot join.  In other words, respect those who are actively trying to fill up their party, regardless of whether you are designated as active or inactive.
  • If there are no parties available or there already is a full party of 6, start your own party.
  • Likewise, if a party is short of 6 members, please join it; without a doubt, a full party of 6 has the BEST chance of success.
  • Understand and accept that in this clan, stats mean nothing if you cannot help or otherwise work with your teammates to secure a win.
  • Please never mute anyone in the party.
  • You are by default considered inactive unless you notify leadership.
  • Above all else that we are to treat one another with respect.  This includes clan members and non-member friends who are in the party. If and when we are in Game Chat, keep the smack talk to a reasonable level and always take the higher road if/as needed.
  • Lastly, there is no hacking, cheating, boosting, etc.; being caught doing so will result in your immediate removal from the clan.

Additional matters (TBD)

The following is a collection of remaining orders of business that, while recently discussed amongst Leadership, is not yet official clan policy.  Until further notice, members should view the following as worthy of consideration but the specifics of which remain undetermined, unresolved, and/or ill-defined by clan Leadership.  Further information will be provided in a future addendum.

Considerations; in-progress:

  • Members expected to take the necessary time to learn, work on, and implement a universal one-two word callout system
  • Goal:  Expand up to no more than 30 players, which is where we were during the peak of AW.  However, we are only accepting those who are able to and capable of putting in a sufficient amount of time on a more or less regular schedule.  We have many friends who regularly play with us but because of time restrictions are unable to join.  Activity is crucial to successfully implementing cohesive tactical strategy
  • We focus on working together as a team and winning as one over obsessing about one’s K/d ratio – Do we define/implement a ‘required’ krd?  w/l?
  • Corny, sure, but friendship and teamwork have proven their importance time and time again, especially during clan wars – Does someone’s ‘friend’ (vs. random message from the forums) warrant expedited Candidacy?
  • Requirement to participate:  Must have a working mic that doesn’t have background noise/static; no iPhone earbuds
  • Playing loud music is totally cool on your own time but not in-game/party; some of us have our headsets cranked wayyyyy up for playing search, etc.
  • Must be over 18; current ages range from 18 to 50+… Do we implement a rigid restriction vs. are there exceptions (e.g., family members, ‘approved’ minors who behave mature, etc.)?
  • Will commit to regularly communicate outside of game via SKYPE and FACEBOOK – Metrics to monitor this, vs. are we being too watchdoggy?


Updated January 2018
DRD4 Leadership