What is your go to Class Setup?

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    I am going to play through AR’s and SMGs till I get gold, so my experience on weapons is pretty limited.

    AR Class
    Primary – ICR-7 – Red Dot, Quick Draw, FMJ (Body Armor counter) I am going to see what Driftor or Exclusive Ace finds out on attachments down the road
    Secondary – Hellion Salvo -Fast Lock (Will use this until I get it gold or find another pick 2 perk more useful) Will keep it on a secondary class.
    Gear – Stimpack
    Perk 1 -Engineer
    Perk 2 -Cold Blooded
    Perk 3 -Ghost, will possibly add pick 2 to try out Dead Silence (I feel like they always know where I am)

    SMG Class
    Primary – Patriot (Still experimenting with attachments)
    Secondary – None
    Gear – Stimpack
    Perk 1 -Engineer
    Perk 2 -Cold Blooded
    Perk 3 -Ghost, Dead Silence

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